Health Insurance for Seniors

2014 Medicare and Medigap Updates

Health Insurance for Seniors

When it comes to health insurance for seniors, nothing can be any more important than being able to secure a supplemental medical insurance plan to augment the coverage of basic Medicare. The rising costs of medical services and medication today coupled with the alarming growth of many illnesses places an even greater importance on the means by which one can cut medical expenses without compromising access to care and services. For seniors, this burden falls squarely on supplemental health insurance plans.

The very idea behind supplemental health insurance plans like Medigap is that these kick in whenever basic Medicare is inadequate to shoulder a given service. Unlike basic Medicare where policy owners only have Part A to Part D coverage, Medigap offers a more diverse selection with plans ranging from A to N. The plans differ in scope and price giving the policy owner a myriad of options in selecting what’s best for him or her.

To select the right health insurance for seniors, it is therefore important to pay attention to the most important considerations that would ensure the success of the Medigap selection process:

The scope is perhaps the most important consideration that governs the selection of the right health insurance for seniors. With so many options, it is fairly easy to get the plan that does not squarely meet one’s needs. Sufficient time should be given to assessing the pros and cons of each plan particularly in terms of scope. A plan with limited coverage will defeat the purpose of getting supplemental health insurance for seniors as it will not be able to meet all of the policy holder’s needs. Conversely, a plan that offers too much coverage will be put to waste if the policy holder cannot take advantage of all the benefits that it offers.

The price is not necessarily a direct offshoot of the plan coverage. It’s tempting to think that the monthly or annual required payments of any plan are directly tied to the plan coverage. To some extent, this is true but it does not tell the whole story. Different companies use different methods to calculate the ideal price for the supplemental health insurance for seniors that they offer. This means that some plans are more likely to be priced lower than other plans with the same coverage. Your address can also influence this as plan pricing also takes into account the location where the medical service will be rendered. The message is to be able to examine multiple options at any given time to make sure you are getting the best plan at the best price.

In the grand scheme of things, it is hard to move away from the idea that health insurance for seniors is no longer a want but a need. The medical landscape of today dictates that we all need to be ready for any medical emergency that might affect our loved ones. Getting a supplemental health insurance can help allay some of these fears because then you can be sure that your loved one will be given the proper medical attention that he or she deserves.

Take the time to do your homework to assess all the health insurance for seniors option that are on offer. If you don’t leave any of these to chance, then you can be confident that you are taking matters into your own hands, and there is no more laudable effort for health than when one makes sure everything is in order and plans are in place for any eventuality.