Medicare Application Forms

2014 Medicare and Medigap Updates

Medicare application forms are a convenient way of registering yourself for Medicare. A program for health insurance by the US government, the program of Medicare covers every American citizen who is sixty-five years old or older and those who meet certain criteria.

Some criteria that needs to be met to get Medicaid includes children under the age of twenty one and adults that have children they need to care for, couples or individuals who would like to be recipients of planning family services, and couples or individuals who are mentally or physically disabled.

People who need help in self-care such as long-term caring assistance or nursing homes and individuals who need someone to help them at home to care for themselves are also qualified. Other people who can get Medicaid include persons who are blind or visually impaired.

Administered by the department of Medicaid Services and the Centers for Medicare, you will only be able to access the benefits and advantages provided to you by this program if upon filling out Medicare application forms.

The information and coverage of Medicare can change without notice and what you need to do is to keep yourself up to date and check with your local agency for Social Security to know what is involved and what is covered by the program.

Usually, people are qualified for Medicare if they become sixty five years old or if there are specific health conditions that apply. People receiving the benefits of Social Security will be enrolled automatically in Medicare Part A and Part B. Since Part B requires certain premium coverage, you will need to include the coverage of Part B on the application for Medicare.

Several months before the eligibility age, people who are eligible automatically will be informed along with all the information they need as well as the Medicare application forms links and resource page.

Health providers who want to get involved with the program of health insurance that Medicare provides will need to submit Medicare application forms as well. The form that is applicable to ambulances, hospitals and doctors is Form 10115 CMA, sec 1011 which is Provider Enrollment Application.

This form is brief and requires the applicant to fill out the MIN or the Medicare Identification Number, a list of hospital privileges and provider numbers for hospitals and the Federal Tax ID number.

What exactly does the program cover? This program covers the cost of hospital bills, doctor’s bills, vision care, dental care, prescriptions, nursing home care, medical equipment, other health services and personal service and mental health care.

Other coverage includes Medicare premiums, medical services for children under twenty-one years of age and in-home care under CAP which is the Community Alternative Program.

If you have a lot of questions regarding Medicaid, calling your social services county department will provide you with the assistance you need in becoming a Medicare beneficiary. You will be able to find out if you are eligible, even if you are not sixty-five years old of age.

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