Medicare Home Health Services

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Medicare Home Health Services

An interesting question to would-be and current Medicare subscribers is the issue of whether or not Medicare home health services are covered by basic Medicare. Indeed, considering that home health services is a definite advantage in instances where care can be done from home, it would be more than a welcome benefit so people do not have to head to the hospital or clinic all the time. In the succeeding paragraphs, we will explain the scope and eligibility for Medicare home health services in order to make policy owners understand the best way to take advantage of this opportunity.

The trick to Medicare home health services is meeting the preconditions that make it applicable. At its most basic, Medicare offers Medicare home health services but only after the following conditions are met.

1. There must be a strong recommendation coming from the attending physician that home care is the best option for the policy owner’s case. Subsequently, a proper medical care plan has to be developed to determine how best to go about administering care.

2. The doctor must also stipulate the need for intermittent skilled nursing care. It is not just enough to indicate that a patient requires home care if the care can be administered by family members. Beyond skilled nursing care, doctors can also include the need for physical therapists, perhaps speech and language therapy, trauma consultants and other relevant services as may be applicable.

3. The selected home health care company must be duly certified and approved by Medicare. Your doctor should have a list of recommended home health companies that you can obtain Medicare home health services from.

4. An obvious but highly contested concern is that the patient has to be homebound for the duration of the service. This means that the act of leaving the home requires significant effort and puts considerable stress on the patient and the attending personnel alike. Therefore, there is no viable option except for home care.

Once met, these conditions allow any patient to apply for Medicare home health services coverage. If approved, Medicare will shoulder all or part of the expenses limited to the following areas:

1. Skilled nursing care. This refers to services that can only be administered by a nurse with sufficient license as obtained from professional licensing bodies.

2. Home aid services. The more popular term for these are care givers or those who are not professional licensed for nursing work but perform vital everyday tasks including dressing, personal care, bathing, and the likes. It should be noted that home aid services in Medicare home health services are only applicable if skilled nursing care was also utilized.

3. Physical therapy and its relevant services.

4. Medical social services which includes, among others, counseling to help a patient recover from the emotional and social distress caused by an illness.

5. Medical supplies.

6. Medical equipment.

As you can see, Medicare home health services are suitably shouldered by Medicare providers given the right circumstances. Consequently, there has to be an extensive discussion concerning the need for these services. The doctor has to be properly informed of all relevant circumstances in order to make a proper recommendation of the necessity for Medicare home health services. By doing this, family members can be assured that the patient receives the best care possible while also being able to benefit from the provisions of Medicare services.