Medicare Nursing Home Coverage

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Medicare Nursing Home Coverage

Medicare is often termed as the primary healthcare insurance option for the whole nation. Medicare provides insurance coverage for vital health services that one may find themselves in need of in case of any emergency. However, it should be noted that not all health services are covered by Medicare. Moreover, some services are only covered to a limited extent. One such service is the Medicare nursing home coverage service.

If one has an aging relative or someone close to them who suffers from an aggressive mental illness such as Alzheimer’s, often the recommended option would be to search for an appropriate nursing home to take care of the relative. Moreover, within this search, there is the general misconception that Medicare will pay for all of the nursing care costs. However, this is not the case. Medicare nursing home coverage is very limited in terms of duration and in most cases will not exceed 100 days. Therefore, one has to get their facts right when it comes to Medicare nursing home coverage.

As stated Medicare nursing home coverage will only be applicable for a set period of about 100 days. Moreover, this coverage will be applicable only if the eligible candidate conforms to the strict guidelines as set in the Medicare program. Generally, persons who are enrolled in the Medicare plan A program will be eligible for Medicare nursing home coverage plan. Moreover, those in the plan C program may be covered to a certain extent.

There are certain conditions or guidelines that govern who specifically qualifies for coverage under the Medicare nursing home coverage plan. These include certified nursing homes as rated by Medicare, patient’s need for skilled care, patient being hospitalized for three days in a hospital before transfer to the nursing home, as well as doctor attesting to the fact that the patient requires the skilled services of a nursing home. From this information, one can tell which kind of nursing homes are covered by the Medicare nursing home coverage plan; those that offer custodial care are not covered by the Medicare plan while those that offer skilled nursing care are covered by the plan.

Though the Medicare nursing home coverage plan is limited, it still has a number of significant benefits. One such benefit is that the beneficiary of the plan i.e. the person covered by the plan gets intensive, rehabilitative care for the required period (100 days). This period is essential in giving the doctors time to determine whether long-term nursing care will be required. Moreover, it enables the quick treatment as there are no delays relating to lack of available payment methods for the hospital treatment fees. When supplemented with the Medicare supplement insurance plan for long-term care, the Medicare nursing home coverage plan adequately helps cover all nursing care costs.

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