Medigap Insurance Cost

2014 Medicare and Medigap Updates

Medigap Insurance Cost

With the increasing price of many commodities and the ever growing important of supplemental Medicare plans due to the increasing instance of lifestyle diseases, many families need to be more vigilant in looking at Medigap insurance cost so they can adequately plan for medical expenses.

As you may already know, Medigap policies of the same package name offer the same coverage as mandated by Federal law. A Plan D package by Company A will have exactly the same medical coverage as Plan D from Company B. However, the Medigap insurance cost can greatly differ depending on the method used by that company to price their Medigap offers.

There are three basic methods by which most companies calculate their Medigap insurance cost for premiums. These are issue-age rating, community rating, and attained-age rating.

Companies that use issue-age rating calculation methods base the price on the age of the insured when purchased. This also means that the younger you buy a package, the lower the price is and the more likelihood that it will not change as you age.

The second method is community rated which simply means that members signing up within a certain period, are charged the same rate regardless of their medical histories, age and other considerations. This is the Medigap insurance cost that offers the greatest benefit for seniors as it levels the playing field regardless of the factors that tend to put seniors at a disadvantage when it comes to premiums.

The third method is attained-age rating and relies on age of the payer. This means that premiums also increase as you get older.

When looking for a suitable Medigap plan, look for the cheapest Medigap insurance cost for the same package. Pick companies that calculate their premium price based on factors that are to your advantage. Some companies also offer discounts on premium pricing depending on certain factors such as whether the client smokes or not, married couples, females, or even those who make their payments through automated cash transfers. Seek for these discounted rates and ask if they apply to your case so you are best able to get the cheapest Medigap insurance cost without compromising the quality of medical coverage that is offered to you.

There are websites that automatically generate Medigap insurance cost quotes for specific areas. Check out these websites for a forward knowledge of what you can expect once you start talking to Medigap sales agents for pricing. Always do your own bit of research before you go to any office that offers Medigap plans so you know exactly what you are looking for and how you can get the cheapest premiums for a plan that suits your needs and lifestyle.

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