Medigap Insurance Policies

2014 Medicare and Medigap Updates

Medigap Insurance Policies

Anyone reaching the retirement age needs to start investigating Medigap insurance policies. Medical insurance tends to be quite useful and needed more often as individuals gets older. For this reason everyone sooner or later is going to require sufficient medical coverage to take care of possibly expensive medical bills.

In the United States, Medicare is the federal government funded plan to help take care of the medical issues of the retired generation. All persons above the age of 65 are usually eligible for the program if they have paid into the system through their work taxes. However, there are also special cases of people who can obtain it earlier such as those who have disabilities or life-threatening diseases such as renal disease.

As most of us understand, while Medicare will cover for most of one’s medical expenses, it won’t cover all of it. On the average medicare is only going to cover around 80% of medical expenses. If a lengthy illness occurs this can leave a very large sum owed by the patient. This is why those reaching Medicare age should start checking out the available Medigap insurance policies.

There are a number of gaps in Medicare which are not covered by the Medicare plans. However, as these medical gaps are relevant medical expenses, there has to be a way to safely cover the cost. Thus, Medigap insurance policies or Medigap was formulated. Medigap policies are offered by private insurance companies at various premiums. Depending on the insurance company and the medical policy, Medigap insurance rates may vary even though the government requires the coverage to be the same. Thus, it is necessary that one understands which policy and insurance company would best suit their medical need.

There are three main classes of Medigap insurance policies, each of which have their own Medigap insurance rates. Here is a short discussion of each.

The first class is the attained age policy. Holders of this policy have premiums or Medigap insurance rates set at the age at which they acquire the policy. The younger the policy holder, the less premiums they have to pay. However, with time, the Medigap insurance rates on these policies tend to rise.

The second class of Medigap insurance policies is the community policy. The community policy’s premium rate is based on the age at which the holder acquires the policy. However, unlike attained age policies the rates on these policies do not change as one gets older.

The third class is the issue-age policy and it is the most popular of the three. One gets lower premiums if they acquire the policy at a young age. Moreover, the Medigap insurance rates on this policy plan do not change as one ages.

Searching for Medigap insurance policies that offers great Medigap insurance rates can be tiresome if one does not know which steps to follow. One should remember that the Medigap plans offered by these companies are those that Medicare deems medically necessary. Thus, the first thing one has to do when searching for a particular plan and its associated premium is to ensure that Medicare allows for its coverage. There is a comprehensive list of coverage plans on the Medicare website for this specific purpose.

Second, one has to shop around for Medigap insurance policies with the best Medigap insurance rates. One can start by checking the Medicare website for a list of approved Medigap insurance providers. After attaining this information it is easy to check the recommended insurance provider’s website to compare their Medigap insurance rates. Often, one may be required to visit the Medigap insurance provider’s office directly so as to ensure that they are getting quality services.

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