Medigap Supplementary Insurance

2014 Medicare and Medigap Updates

Medigap Supplementary Insurance

As we age, we have to plan elaborately for everything because you never knows when things might go wrong. For instance, it is essential that you apply for your pension appropriately. Moreover, you have to ensure that you have adequate medical coverage in case of a long illness. For this reason, there are two medical services that you may be eligible for. These are Medicare and Medigap supplementary insurance policies.

Though the two provide the same form of medical services to the client, Medigap supplementary insurance policies were formulated as a plan to cover the gaps in medical services not catered to by Medicare. Thus, it is crucial to note that though the two policies are offered, Medigap supplementary insurance policies are offered by private insurance companies under govermental rules.

There a few basic facts that one needs to know about Medigap supplementary insurance policies. Though the overall Medigap plan is standardized across the board for all insurance companies that offer it, the cost of the different policies in the plan is determined by the companies themselves. Thus, each company may have its own Medigap supplementary insurance policy cost. As a result, one needs to perform some cost comparisons on these policies so as to find the best company priced policy.

There are three categories through which the Medigap supplementary insurance policy is priced. These are Issue-age policy, the community policy as well as the attained-age policy. Each of these policies has their own benefits. The attained-age policy has premiums that are set according to one’s age. The younger the policy holder, the lower the premiums they have to pay. However, the main disadvantage of this policy is that the premiums rise every year after attaining the said policy. The community policy is one of the best policies offered. This policy has set monthly premiums that do not change with one’s age. Lastly, the issue-age policy is similar to both of the aforementioned policies. The premiums are lower if the policy holder buys the policy at a younger age. Moreover, the premiums paid do not change with one’s age.

There are several factors that may influence the pricing of the premiums in any of the Medigap supplementary insurance policies. Some of the common factors include inflation, discounts on the policy as well as medical underwriting. Discounts may be offered on policy holders that are classified as non-risk such as a married nonsmoker. Inflation as a factor influences the rate of the premiums as the prevailing inflation rates are normally analyzed each year and any changes made to the policies.

Once you have identified the policy you are eligible for, the application process is pretty straightforward. This entails searching online against your zip code to find a Medigap insurance provider in your State. The next step involves getting an online quotation from the separate Medigap companies. This step is quite fast as one only has to enter their zip code and age. Last, once you have identified a suitable Medigap insurance provider, you should make a point of meeting with the provider so as to get all the required information for the application process.

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